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5 Apps to Download Once You Get Your iPhone Screen Repaired

A broken screen means you’re stuck without a phone for awhile. Thanks to iPhone screen repair, however, that time period can be brief. Once you get your phone back after an iPhone screen repair, check out these awesome apps

5 Apps To Get Once Your iPhone Screen Is Repaired

  1. Firefox Focus
    Browse the web faster and without targeted ads after iPhone repair in Calgary. The Firefox Focus app clears your browsing history and blocks ad trackers; you can even set it up to verify touch or face ID before it opens web pages.
    This app directs internet traffic through a reputable cybersecurity company, Cloudflare, instead of the regular internet service providers. This makes connecting to websites faster and keeps your connection better hidden from companies that want to monetize your data.
  3. Fantastical 2
    Make your phone do more for you after you get your iPhone screen repaired. Fantastical 2 is an app that unifies the events from your different online accounts. It has no problem handling changes and can put scheduled reminders with your other events.
  4. RoboKiller
    Tired of getting slammed by automated calls? Did you enjoy the moments of peace during iPhone repair in Calgary? Don’t put up with those unwanted calls any longer; download the RoboKiller app to block scam calls from the app’s extensive database. You can even set up the app to respond to the calls with the Answer Bot function.
  5. Sweatcoin after iPhone Repair
    Boost your motivation to get fit! Sweatcoin tracks your fitness progress; you earn Sweatcoins as you workout. These coins can then be redeem for rewards in the real world, such as fitness gear, shoes, or an iPhone X.

Great apps can make your phone better than ever. Check out these great options after iPhone screen repair.

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