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iPhone 5 Fixes

CaseMogul offers a complete repair service for Apple iPhone 5’s in Calgary. We are known for our affordable prices and our extensive knowledge on phone repairs. From the standard fixes, to advance motherboard problems, we tackle it all!

Common iPhone 5 Problems & Answers

Issue: Battery draining fast

Potential Fix:
– The iPhone 5 batteries are notorious for not lasting long. The only real known fix would be to change your battery. You can go to any of our locations to get the battery replaced within a few minutes.

Issue: Wi-Fi not working

Potential Fix:
– Perform a network reset by going to your Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Don’t worry, this won’t erase any of your data, but you will have to setup your network connections again.
– If that doesn’t work, it may be due to a hardware malfunction. You can bring your phone into one of our locations to get the Wi-Fi antenna replaced.

iPhone 5 Repair Calgary

Issue: Random reboots

Potential Fix:
– Sometimes, installing a new app can cause the phone to reboot unexpectedly. Uninstall your most recent installed app and see if the issue still persists.
– If the above solution doesn’t work, try to reset all your settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Be aware that this will remove your password along with your set background pictures.
– If resetting your settings still doesn’t work. We recommend that you factory reset your phone and restoring it from a saved backup. To factory reset your phone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Issue: Slow data

Potential Fix:
– The simplest fix is to toggle your data on and off. You can do that by going to Cellular > Cellular Data > Toggle Off.
– If that doesn’t work, try switching your Airplane Mode on, wait 30 seconds, then switch it back off. This should clear up any data issues.
– If all the solutions still don’t fix the issue, bring it to one of our repair locations and we’ll help you diagnose the phone.

Issue: Phone stuck in landscape mode

Potential Fix:
– Sometimes the iPhone 5 gets stuck in landscape mode after using the camera app. The best thing to do to avoid this problem is to lock your phone in portrait mode. To do that, go to your home screen and swipe up to pull up the control center. Look for the lock icon on the top right corner and press that. That should lock your screen and prevent it from switching to landscape mode.
– If that doesn’t fix the issue, hold down the home button and power button for 10 seconds until the phone reboots.

Common iPhone 5 Repairs

iPhone 5 Motherboard Repairs

Phone Motherboard Repairs

Do you have a phone that another repair shop said they can’t fix?
At CaseMogul Phone Repairs, we take pride in saying we can repair phones that other stores can’t.

Some common board level issues for the iPhone 5:

  •  No Backlight or No Image on iPhone 5 (When there is nothing displayed or the display is really dark)
  • Broken Connectors (DIY gone wrong, or another repair shop broke your connector pins on the motherboard?)
  • Data recovery (You just want to get important information off of your broken phone)
  • Boot looping (When your phone just constantly reboots by itself)

For more details click the link to our motherboard repair page.

Services & Disclaimer


Broken phone, but you’re JUST looking to recover those precious pictures and important contacts, we can help. We understand that you may not want to pay the full price to fix your phone so we offer this service to help recover your important information. Data recovery takes 2 – 3 days. If we can’t help you recover your data, we won’t charge you anything.


CaseMogul Phone Repairs is not responsible if a customer does not remember their apple ID after a repair. Please ensure that you know your Apple ID login information before repairing your phone.


At times, when a phone is dropped, there will be small dents that are created on the sides of the phone. We re-bend the phone at no cost, but at times, it may not look pretty/original. We bend the phones to ensure the screen fits into the phone properly. You can let us know that you don’t want the phone to be re-bent but if any issues occur due to the bends in the phone, CaseMogul is not held liable.

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