5 Reasons You Should Buy a Used iPhone

While we all want to get our hands on the latest iPhone and its state-of-the-art technology, buying a used iPhone is oftentimes a better option for many. Buying used allows you to save a good chunk of money while still enjoying iPhone technologies. Here are seven key reasons why you should buy a used iPhone:

  1. Used iPhones Are Similar in Design to New iPhones

    Most of the newer iPhone models are very similar in design. For example, the iPhone 10 has similar features as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. It’s very likely that it'll take Apple some time to make any drastic changes to iPhone’s designs. If you were to purchase an used iPhone, you likely won’t look like you’re using an outdated phone.

  2. Used iPhones Are More Economical Than Newer iPhones

    You will save a good chunk of money by buying an older iPhone compared to the new iPhone. A new iPhone can go up to $2,000 from the Apple Store. You can purchase an older but functioning iPhone for roughly half of the price. You can also purchase an openbox or refurbished iPhone from Apple Certified Refurbished Products. The store carries relatively new iPhones such as iPhone 11 Pro in various colours. The prices for these phones are significantly lower than an all-new iPhone from the Apple Store.

    Reburished iPhone
  3. Used iPhones Won’t Devalue Significantly

    Since used iPhones are generally older iPhone versions which have already depreciated in value, a used iPhone is unlikely to see further depreciations in value. A new iPhone, on the other hand, can see a significant drop in value in a short amount of time. Buying a used iPhone is a great option for those who simply need a phone for everyday needs and don’t want to invest in a new iPhone that will drop in value significantly. Moreover, if you drop your used iPhone and crack your iPhone screen, it might not be as devastating as cracking a new iPhone’s screen.

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  4. Used iPhones Still Have Elite Software Technology

    Even if you purchase a used older iPhone such as the iPhone 11 Pro, you are still getting supreme software technology. The software in iPhones such as iOS, is often better than software in competing phones. This dominance in technology will likely remain in place for the next couple of years, even if the used iPhone is a few years old.

  5. Used iPhones are More Environmentally Friendly

    The production and shipment of new iPhones produce a heavy carbon footprint. Each iPhone is sourced from over 40 countries around the world. If we are to trace just the production of the processor; raw materials such as boron can be sourced from Turkey and copper can be sourced from Chile. Then, the materials get shipped to Taiwan where they’re used to manufacture the processor. Once the processor is produced, it’s shipped to the Philippines to be tested and packaged. The production of the processor alone creates a significant carbon footprint that can be omitted if we were to purchase used iPhones that already exist!

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