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We understand your smartphone is vital to you, we are open at the following locations during the COVID-19 outbreak to help:

Beltline (802 16 Ave SW – Drop Off Only): OPEN

For the safety of our customers and our employees, all of our employees will be wearing face masks and will be equipped with hand sanitizer and other cleaning agents to help ensure maximum hygiene during your visit.

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Why CaseMogul?

CaseMogul specialises in offering an express repair service for smartphones, tablets and computers along with a wide range of mobile accessories and refurbished devices. Since launching in 2013, CaseMogul has grown to 11 repair shops across Alberta and British Columbia! We pride ourselves on offering an express repair service powered by our CaseMogul trusted technicians, on-site at each of our shops, and all our screen repairs are backed a robust CaseMogul warranty policy.

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CaseMogul for Businesses

Damaged mobile devices hurts productivity. Keep your team well-connected and your workforce running like a well-oiled machine by letting CaseMogul work its magic on your organisation’s mobile devices. We already offer our comprehensive service to several Alberta and BC businesses and would be glad to do the same for yours.

Same Day, Affordable Cell Phone Repairs

Our cell phone repairs in Calgary and Vancouverare worthy of praise. We offer timely service so that you don’t have to be away from your phone for long. We can complete most repairs in less than an hour, and since the majority of our locations are inside malls, you can shop while you wait! We also offer 24/7 support if your phone damage calls for emergency repair.

At CaseMogul Phone Repairs, we ensure your data is secure and protected; we guarantee all personal information is safe with us. We are also proud to provide specialized repairs for a number of devices. We work on Samsung and other Android devices. If fixing isn’t possible, we take care of your Samsung and Google account removal as well as password retrieval if you’ve forgotten your login information. We also specialize in the repair of Apple products including iPhone and iPad repairs. Visit one of our CaseMogul stores or book an appointment for your phone repair online.

We look forward to saving you time and money with fast, affordable, and reliable phone repairs in Calgary.

Smartphone Repair Experts in Calgary and Vancouver

Life can be tough on your cell phone. New phones aren’t cheap, and unfortunately, they don’t stay shiny and perfect forever. Between toilet bowls and unforgiving staircases, you’re just a slip away from critical damage. Luckily, the experts at CaseMogul Phone Repairs have the solution. Our technicians have gone through extensive training to perform cell phone repairs; we do our best to ensure that you receive the highest quality service at an affordable price.

Whether you require iPhone repairs in Calgary or cell phone screen repair and replacement, bring your phone to CaseMogul for excellent and professional care. We work with precision and skill to restore your phone’s screen and ensure your operating system is functioning effectively and efficiently. Our remain educated and up-to-date on all things related to phone repairs. We are constantly advancing our techniques and knowledge.

In addition to repairs, we also offer a wide selection of cases to prevent the damage before it happens. Visit a CaseMogul near you today!

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