CaseMogul Replacement Parts

At CaseMogul we strive for excellence. We only pick the finest OEM and 3rd party replacement parts for your repair. 

What kind of screens does CaseMogul use?

For iPhones, we use Value, Premium, and OE (original equipment) screens. For Samsung and other Android devices we use OEM parts.

What are Value, Premium, and OE screens for iPhones?

  1. Value screens are the most cost effective aftermarket screen. They are assembled in factories in Asia and contain components that do not come from official Apple devices.
  2. Premium screens are also aftermarket screens, but with better quality. They contain more expensive components but are still put together by the manufacturer.
  3. OE screens that CaseMogul use are refurbished using original parts from the phone with the same technology as the original manufacturer. Therefore, OE screens are high-quality products that are recognized by the industry; however, they do not have an official serial number from Apple. OE is the designation we use to show the difference between this and screens sold by Apple Certified Repair Shop.

What kind of batteries do CaseMogul use?

CaseMogul only uses high-quality batteries that meet our strict standards. High capacity, deep cycle, and long life are the 3 top specifications we adhere to for choosing our battery suppliers. Even though we use aftermarket batteries, the performance is as good, or better than OEM batteries.

What are the OEM parts CaseMogul uses for Samsung and other Android devices?

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturers we use for OEM parts meets or exceeds industry standards. Our OEM parts are of the same quality as Apple/Samsung authorized service center OEM parts. It's worth mentioning that all of our Samsung parts are OEM parts. Most of the special order parts that we order for customers are also OEM parts.

Why are our parts not recognized by the official manufacturer?

Currently, CaseMogul is not an authorized repair shop by any digital device manufacturer. In fact, large manufacturers such as Apple and Google have imposed restrictions on 3rd party repair shops in an attempt to monopolize the repair industry. However, we have advantages that authorized repair shops cannot match.

What are the advantages of choosing CaseMogul to repair my device?

  1. CaseMogul prices are more competitive than authorized repair shops. We can save you money on repair costs, while meeting or exceeding quality standards. For example, you may only need a glass repair on your iPhone, and when you visit an Apple store, the only option they offer is to pay hundreds of dollars to replace your entire display screen. At CaseMogul, we give you the option to repair your glass only. That's why you can find unbeatable low prices with us.
  2. We offer a lifetime warranty for our screen repair service and the vast majority of other parts. We work with local Canadian and overseas suppliers who are committed to providing our customers with a constant supply of warranty parts. This means we can assure you that your device will be working continuously, even if your choice is not OEM.
  3. We can do more repairs than authorized repair shops. Many customers complain that Apple authorized repair stores do not repair iPads. These types of repair stores only offer limited screen and battery repair. But at CaseMogul, we offer repairs on almost all parts .

Like many small Canadian businesses, we maintain our independence and provide services above industry standards. If you have any digital devices in need of repair, please contact us at info@casemogul.com or book a repair online and save $5 Off your repair.

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