Common Huawei Phone Issues

Even the most careful people drop their phones from time to time; unfortunately, this is harmful, even for brands like Huawei. When Huawei phones drop, two common fallouts are charging and signal issues. 

Even when the screen seems intact, internal phone components could bear the brunt of the impact of a drop. So if your Huawei phone’s charging and signal functions begin to malfunction afterward, don’t fret. This article provides the answer. 

Why Does My Huawei Phone Keep Losing Signal? 

Signal issues could be pretty frustrating. Opening up the phone to adjust the SIM card isn’t one of the best ways to spend your time. 

There are several reasons for signal issues in Huawei phones which may or may not involve phone drops. They include:

Magnetic Interference

Magnetic fields can hamper network availability, and some phone accessories possess magnetic properties. For example, accessories such as phone cases or holders could contain some degree of magnetism. The presence of these magnetic field carriers can block and reduce signal strength.  


SIM cards' usually golden-colored metal surfaces are susceptible to oxidation and consequent poor connectivity. In addition, air and water moisture can cause these metal surfaces of SIM cards to corrode. 

When this happens, the electronic link between the SIM card and the SIM port becomes weak. As a result, the phone will struggle to receive signals afterward unless you get the metal surface cleaned or changed.

Improper Network or APN Settings

If your APN or network settings aren’t accurate, your signal strength will bear the brunt. In these cases, correcting your internet or APN settings will restore your phone’s signal strength. 

Damaged Motherboard Connector

Your phone’s motherboard can connect to other boards, such as the daughterboard, through a connector. When your phone drops, the impact can easily affect these connectors, especially when they are products of a defective design. Also, since the motherboard and daughterboard allow the phone to get signals, damaged connectors will affect signal reception.

Why Is My Huawei Phone Not Charging Properly?

Charging issues are one of the possible challenges associated with phone use. For example, your phone may not charge, or the battery percentage may be stagnant even while it shows charging. Some of these challenges result from phone drops. 

Let’s see some common reasons why your Huawei phone may experience charging issues. 

Problem With the Charging Port

Damage to your phone’s charging port can pose a challenge. Debris can obstruct the flow of charges, or the charging port may be distorted after a phone drop. 

Faulty or Damaged Cord or Adaptor 

Charging issues also happen when the USB cord or charging adaptor is faulty. In this case, changing these parts will get your phone charging back to normal. 

Damaged Motherboard Connector

Your Huawei’s motherboard and other connected boards control several crucial functions in your phone. Your phone may develop charging issues when the connector between the two boards gets damaged. A connector in a Huawei phone with a defective design will suffer damage even with the slightest impact from phone drops. 

Final Thoughts

Charging and signal issues are common Hauwei phone drop challenges. When such occur, a faulty motherboard-daughterboard connector is the most likely suspect. The pins of the connector have likely pulled off and require replacement.

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