How To Get Back Lost Laptop Computer Data

It is no fun. That sinking feeling when you realize you lost your files. The favourite photos, the important documents, that high score - all gone. Whether it was because of a hardware or software crash, or just old age, if you notice glitchy performance or a visible loss of information, it’s likely your laptop computer no longer has your data at the ready. Or does it? 

Data Recovery can be tricky, but not impossible. At CaseMogul, we often recommend ways you can take care of your devices with DIY fixes, but when it comes to data recovery it’s truly best to trust the pros. However, there are still a few things you can do to help get your files back. 

Once you notice something’s wrong with your computer, do not try to reinstall the operating system as this may completely delete the information. Instead, shut it off right away. This is an important step in protecting the likelihood of a data recovery expert being able to recover the information. Take note of what preceded - was there an obvious event (like a water spill) or were you just clicking into a program? How did the computer react - any different sounds or heat levels? 

Leave the computer off and bring your computer or laptop to a trusted expert (it can help to look for proven experience with positive reviews) to relay all the information around the incident you took note of. If you have even partial backups of some of the missing data, make sure they are aware of this as well. As long as the hard drive still works in your laptop or computer, it’s highly likely it can be recovered. Our CaseMogul Data Recovery experts will walk you through a free diagnosis for you before any recovery efforts are made so you are fully aware of the process and any potential risks. 

Typically our repairs can be done within 1-3 days, depending on the severity of the challenge but our experts are committed to doing everything they can to get you those important files back. You can book a repair appointment with your closest CaseMogul in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Surrey and Vancouver (and if you book online you’ll save $5). 

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