iPhone Repair: 10 Common iPhone Problems We Can Repair

It’s common for an iPhone to malfunction or get damaged from time to time. Problems such as iPhone not charging or iPhone screen getting cracked are all common problems that we see from day to day. Here are top 10 iPhone problems and solutions you can try to troubleshoot your iPhone issues!

1. iPhone Screen Is Cracked

Having your iPhone screen cracked is unbelievably irritating and it happens frequently. A cracked iPhone screen might still work, but it becomes extremely vulnerable to further damage. For example, water damage can occur if it slips through the cracked glass, or your touchscreen may no longer respond after prolonged use with a cracked screen. We recommend repairing your screen immediately to avoid further damage and costs in the future.

Please don’t attempt to replace or repair an iPhone screen yourself because it takes a tremendous amount of experience and different equipment and skillset to install an iPhone screen properly. You can easily damage your iPhone further or a new iPhone screen without professional experience. To repair an iPhone screen, we’d recommend you to book a phone repair appointment with one of our phone repair technicians and we’ll be delighted to repair or replace a iPhone phone screen.

2. iPhone Audio Issues

Many iPhones have audio issues and it is most common in the iPhone 7 (though it happens to other models as well). For example, you may find that people have a hard time hearing you during calls, or you might not be able to hear others consistently. This is because the audio chip in the iPhone are not always very stable inside of the iPhone due to the way the phone is soldered. If you drop your iPhone or if you frequently put your phone in your back pocket (which can cause the iPhone to bend), the audio chip may become loose. If you have audio issues on your iPhone, we’d recommend you to book a phone repair appointment with one of our phone repair technicians and we can have your iPhone repaired within one day.

3. iPhone Data Lost

Losing important data in your phone can be detrimental if you’ve stored vital company or personal information on your phone. This iPhone issue can be easily remedied If you have an iCloud backup and your phone information is synced with iCloud daily. When information is missing from your phone, you can access your iCloud to retrieve the information. You can also backup your data on your laptop by using iTunes. If these options aren’t available to you, you can talk to one of our iPhone repair technicians and we’ll be happy to help!

4. iPhone Camera Doesn’t Work

Your iPhone camera may not work if you’ve some restrictions that are enabled. You can check if restrictions are enabled by navigating through Settings > General instructions and turning on Camera. Doing this will likely resolve any camera problems. If your iPhone camera still doesn’t work taking this step, reset your phone and see if the iPhone camera works. If your iPhone camera still doesn’t work, there could be hardware issues. Take your iPhone to one of our phone repair shops and we’ll diagnose your iPhone!

5. iPhone Fast Battery Drain

A quick and simple way to remedy this issue is by closing unwanted apps that you have open. You can also put your phone on battery saver mode to extend its lifetime. When using your phone, do not use your battery under 10% to extend your battery life.

All batteries will eventually lose their capacity to hold charge and it may be time to get a battery replacement, which can cost as little as $30. If the iPhone battery issue persists, visit one of our phone repair shops and we’ll take a deep dive in your iPhone battery issue.

6. iPhone Damage Due To Water

Water damage is a tragic nightmare for all electronic equipment including an iPhone. You must remove as much water as possible immediately. When your iPhone encounters water damage, wipe all excess water using a tissue paper and never turn on the phone immediately. Turning on the phone immediately leads to permanent damage to the iPhone. The myth of putting your phone into rice is just that - a myth. You can read about water damage in our blog here.

If you need help with water damage, book a phone repair appointment with a phone technician at a phone repair store near you and request the phone repair technician to inspect and recover the phone.

7. iPhone Not Charging

Another common iPhone problem that we see is that the battery doesn’t charge or charges slowly when the charger is plugged in. There are a few solutions for this issue. You can try to clean the charging port to remove dust or debris with a compressed air or a dry tissue. If the issue persists, check the lightning cable and see if it works with other Apple devices. You can also try using your cable with another device or a different cable to determine what is broken. If the other Apple devices charge when you plug a lightning cable in them, there’s something wrong with your iPhone. Alternatively, contact one of our phone technicians at a phone repair store near you and we’ll diagnose your iPhone for free!

8. iPhone Bluetooth Issues

Issues with the Bluetooth can be easily solved by going to Settings > General and selecting and resetting All Options and Settings. This will remove all saved settings and solve your issue too. If this approach doesn’t remedy the problem, contact us and schedule a phone repair appointment!

9. iPhone WiFi Doesn’t Connect

One of the most common iPhone problems that many iPhone users face is when their Wifi doesn’t connect. A solution you can try to repair this iPhone issue is simply switching your iPhone off and then restart the phone. Then, press and hold the home button and lock button simultaneously until you get the Apple logo on the screen. Once the phone restarts, check to see if you can connect to Wifi. If the issue persists, go to Settings, click on WiFi and scroll down to the page end, and make the HTTP proxy to auto settings. If you are unable to solve the problem, contact us and schedule a free diagnostic appointment!

10. Phone Is Slow

There are several reasons why your iPhone is running slowly. The most common reasons are that you’ve multiple apps or websites open at the same time. To remedy this problem, close apps that you don’t need and websites that aren’t using and clear cache on Safari web browser or which browser you’re using to speed up your iPhone. It could also be because your version of iOS is too old and needs an update. Your phone storage may also be full and requires additional storage. If taking these approaches don’t resolve the iPhone problem, contact us and schedule a phone repair appointment! We can also upgrade your iPhone storage so you can have more files and apps on your device.

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