iPhone Touchscreen Not Responding: 4 Easy Solutions

There are a variety of reasons that can cause your iPhone touchscreen to stop responding. This issue is especially common for older iPhones such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Issues such as water damage or iOS version can impact your iPhone touchscreen’s responsiveness. Here are the top four potential problems and solutions for remedy iPhone touchscreen responsiveness issues.

1. Restart your iPhone

Before diving into any specific troubleshooting procedures or booking an iPhone repair appointment with a cell phone repair shop such as CaseMogul, you can restart your iPhone and see if restarting your iPhone will remedy the responsiveness issue. To restart your iPhone, take the following steps:

  1. Hold and press the sleep/wake button for a few seconds until the slider appears.
  2. Slide to power off your device.
  3. Turn the iPhone back on by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo.

More often than not, the touchscreen will work again after restarting the iPhone.

2. Create More Space on Your iPhone

If your iPhone doesn’t have sufficient storage available, your touchscreen may not respond speedily.

To diagnose and remedy this problem, check to see how much space your iPhone has. If you have 0 bytes or incredibly minimal space remaining, you can free up some storage space. To do so, take the following steps:

  • Tap Settings from Home.
  • Choose General.
  • Click on Storage & iCloud Usage.
  • Click on Manage Storage.
  • Here, you'll see the details of your current memory status including the available memory of your iPhone. If there isn’t any more free space, you can delete some unwanted apps, files, photos and other unnecessary contents from your iPhone to free up more space on your device.

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3. Downgrade to the Previous iOS Version

Upgrading to a new iOS version may cause iPhone malfunctions, including iPhone touchscreen not responding. There’s a variety of reasons for causing these issues including incompatibility between the software and hardware. To downgrade to the previous iOS version, you can take these following steps on Tom’s Guide.

4. Book a Phone Repair Appointment

The best and most guaranteed way to repair your iPhone touchscreen is by booking a phone repair appointment and requesting one of our phone repair technicians to troubleshoot the issue. There are additional reasons that may cause the touch screen unresponsiveness problem and a full, deep diagnosis is often needed to identify and repair the phone issue.

At CaseMogul, we offer a free, comprehensive diagnosis on your phone and provide you with a quote on the actual phone repair. This complete transparency assures that you understand what and how much you’re paying for. In addition, CaseMogul offers lifetime warranty means that you can bring back your phone if any labour or parts-related issues arise and we’ll remedy the issue at no additional cost!

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