Is the iPhone Back Glass Repair Necessary?

Small cracks on the iPhone back glass can be ignored by hiding them under the phone case. However, over time, these hidden cracks can create new problems.

First of all, the phone may completely lose its waterproofing. Also, the broken back glass is very sharp and can potentially cut yours or a child's fingers. In addition, carriers usually will not accept phones in cracked conditions when your lease ends.

Do you need a back glass repair or a back housing repair?

If the frame is badly damaged (bent or broken to the point where the new back glass will not be flat), we would recommend a back housing repair. CaseMogul can fix back housings!

Phone Back Glass Broken   Phone Back Glass Broken

If the frame looks ok, that means a back glass repair is the right choice for you.


The 8 steps of back glass repair (with a laser machine):

  1. Set up the laser machine. Place the back glass of the iPhone face down in the focus positioning area of the laser. Press the Confirm button and wait for the laser's focus indicator to turn green.

  2. Cover the iPhone with a metal frame to make sure the laser only shoots the safe area (where there are no parts/cables underneath). Then move the iPhone to the designated position of the laser machine and pull up the map on the computer.

  3. Run the red light to locate the laser position. Adjust the map position on the computer accordingly.

  4. Start the laser and let the laser scan the back glass for the first round. For the iPhone 8 - iPhone 11 series, we only need to run it once and can use the default settings. For iPhone 12 and later series, we may need to run it twice and modify the settings. This is because the rear glass of iPhone 12 and later series fits more closely to the back housing. To make the laser penetrate deeper, we adjust the frequency to 900 Hz and set scans to 2 times.
  5. Put on gloves and protective glasses and carefully remove and discard any remaining glass fragments on the back of the device.
    On the back camera area, the laser can usually only partially remove the back glass. In the wireless charging area, the laser will skip the entire wireless charging pad. But we need to be careful not to peel off this pad when removing the rear glass. For iPhone 12 and 13 series, we need to keep the magnet on the pad.

    *The tools the we use include but not limited to:

    • iSesamo
    • Razer blade
    • Glass Breaker: This is a useful tool to use but comes with risks. We should avoid using it on camera lenses, wireless charging, and any area that has been broken and looks unsafe. On the iPhone 13 series, we should also not use it to hit the motherboard area.

    • Air spray/hair dryer: When we blow, we hold the hair dryer at an angle almost parallel to the b-frame of the phone to ensure that the dust floats to the periphery of the phone and does not fall into the interior of the phone.

      From our experience, removing this area of the back glass usually requires a lot of patience. If you are not careful, the camera or camera lens can be damaged. That's why we recommend you go to a certified professional phone repair company, like CaseMogul to complete the back glass repair work.

  6. Run the laser again and let the laser scan the back glass 1-2 times.

  7. Continue to clean up the metal plate until the residual adhesive, plastic or broken glass is completely removed.

    The tools the we use include but not limited to:
    -Razer blade

  8. Apply B-7000 glue and affix the new back glass.We apply to both the original area and the border area. We will use clips to hold the border area until it is secure.


Why choose CaseMogul to repair your back glass?

CaseMogul provides you with more economic, reliable back glass repair service.
All of your repair dollars count at CaseMogul. Apple does not offer back glass repair service, instead, they only replace the phone with a new one. If you didn't purchase Apple Care, it means an expensive repair bill. Comparatively, we help to repair your back glass within a reasonable price.

In addition, our service is reliable and professional. Some clients would like to try DIY like what they do with their cars. However, DIY repair can be a waste of time and money because you may unknowingly damage tiny parts without notice, which will cost you more to fix. Our well-trained technicians can prevent most of these mistakes. With state of the art repair equipment, CaseMogul treats your phone carefully. Most repair stores do not have the laser equipment for the job. They only use a heat pad and force to remove the back glass. This may also
cause additional damage to your device. The choice is clear. CaseMogul is your one-stop device shop! Book an appointment today.

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