Laptop and Computer Repair Calgary

laptop and computer repair

Our team of expert laptop and computer repair technicians in Greater Calgary is trained and thrilled to help repair your laptop or computer.

We can help with laptop and computer repairs such as:

  • Computer and laptop motherboard repair
  • Computer and laptop virus removal
  • Computer and laptop cloud backup
  • Computer and laptop data recovery
  • Computer and laptop screen repair
  • Computer and laptop battery repair
  • Computer and laptop camera repair
  • Computer and laptop backplate repair
  • Computer and laptop button and speaker repair
  • Computer and laptop water damage and data recovery
  • Computer and laptop charger port repair

We offer laptop and computer repair for all makes and models such as:

  • iMac
  • Macbook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • Asus computer and laptop
  • Acer computer and laptop
  • HP computer and laptop
  • Samsung computer and laptop
  • LG computer and laptop
  • Microsoft computer and laptop
  • Chromebook


Our Calgary Computer and Laptop Repair Locations

With eight locations across the Greater Calgary area, we can serve you at a location most convenient to you. Whether you’re located in downtown Calgary or Crossiron Mills, you can find one of our computer and laptop repair shops approximately merely 25km away.

Our computer and laptop repair shops in Calgary are: