10 Steps to Save a Water Damaged Cell Phone

Have you ever dropped your cell phone accidentally in the sink or maybe in the toilet when you were in a rush? Did you leave it in your pocket and to be washed with the clothes? Or, maybe you got thrown in the swimming pool by your friends just for the fun of it? Did you get beaten by the rain or did you disregard and run swimming with your phone in your pocket? Then again perhaps it dropped out of your pocket and into the pet's water bowl? Getting your phone wet as a general rule infers that you might have to get a new one, however in the event that you're speedy enough, you may have the ability to save the cell phone if you take all the right steps!

1.Take it out and turn it off immediately
Remove the cell phone from the water at the earliest opportunity. Ports for hands free unit, little openings for receiver, charging, USB link network and the plastic covers on mobile phones can only be protected so much. Once your phone is exposed to water, these areas can get affected in no time. Take your telephone out of the water, and turn it off immediately.

2. Remove the battery
Soon as you get the cell phone out of water, rapidly assemble some paper towels or delicate fabrics to lay the telephone on while you evacuate the battery cover and battery. This is one of the most crucial steps in saving a wet phone. Numerous circuits inside the telephone will survive inundation in water, provided that they are not connected to a power source such as a battery when wet. To see whether the phone is really water damaged, check the corner close where the battery is – there ought to be a white square or hover, with or without red lines. In the event that this is pink or red, your telephone has water harm. Rapidly read the manual to your telephone in case you're not certain how to remove the battery.

3. Evacuate the SIM card
Evacuate the SIM card if your telephone has one. A significant part of your valuable contacts could be stored on your SIM. In some cases, this could be more profitable and deserving of being saved than the telephone itself.

SIM cards survive water harm well, however getting it out instantly bodes well. Pat it dry and put it aside to dry out until you reconnect your telephone again. (In case your telephone does not have a SIM card, skip this step).

Evaluate how much water has been in contact with the phone:

a) If there was significant water (ie, dropping in toilet, the phone was fully submerged in water, or the phone was left in the washing machine) The best chance of recovering the phone is by sending it to a professional like CaseMogul and having them professionally disassemble and cleaning it out for water. If the phone is wet still, the chances are even greater. The longer you wait the less likely it can be repaired. DO NOT ATTEMPT to turn your phone on again, there is a chance that it may work but it is very likely something is weakened by water and will break down shortly in a matter of days if it’s not cleaned out.
b) If there was only slight water contact, dropped in a puddle but not FULLY Submerged or obviously had no liquid seeping into the phone itself. Then proceed to the following steps below.

4. Disassemble the phone and let it air dry
Remove every easily detachable part of the cell phone such as ear buds, memory cards, and phone cases. Expel all fittings that cover the holes and openings in the telephone to open them to air drying.

5. Dry with a towel or piece of cloth
Dry your telephone with a delicate cloth or towel. On the off chance that there is even one drop of water left inside, it can destroy your telephone by consuming it and making the circuits erode or short out. Clearly you have to evacuate however much of the water as fast as could be expected, to keep it from steering its way into the telephone.

Tenderly wipe off however much water as could reasonably be expected without dropping the telephone. Abstain from shaking or moving the telephone unreasonably, in order to abstain from moving water through it. Wipe down utilizing a towel or paper towel, making an effort not to obstruct the paper in the crevices and scores of the telephone. Continue wiping delicately to expel as much of the remaining water as possible.

6. Use a vacuum cleaner
Utilize a vacuum cleaner. In the event that you need to attempt to drain the fluid out of the internal parts of the telephone, take a shot at utilizing a vacuum cleaner if there is one accessible. Expel all lingering dampness by drawing it away with a vacuum cleaner held over the influenced zones for up to 20 minutes, in each open region.

This is the quickest strategy and can totally dry out your telephone and make them work in thirty minutes. Nonetheless, unless the presentation to water was to a great degree short, it's not prescribed to endeavor to turn your telephone on this soon. Be mindful so as not to hold the vacuum excessively near the telephone, as a vacuum can make electricity produced via friction, which is surprisingly more damaging to the phone than water.

7. Leave the phone on retentive material
Give the telephone a chance to sit on retentive towels, napkins or other paper. Put the telephone level on a spongy material. Keep in mind that the objective is to drain away a greater part of the dampness and moistness from the phone. Leave the phone for 4 to 6 hours. On the off chance that dampness is still apparent, rehash the vacuuming step. It is important to try these steps as quickly as possible. Most repair shops like CaseMogul are able to fix cell phones brought to them within 24 hours of water damage.    

8. Test the phone
After you have done your best to dry your cell phone as much as possible, verify that each part of your cell phone is completely spotless and looks dry. Check every one of the ports and compartments for any dampness or earth. Wipe away any water and dirt from the cell phone. Turn it on and try to look for any odd signals and sounds. If the phone does not turn on, try connecting the phone to its charger without the battery if your telephone is totally dried out. If this works, you will most likely need another battery.

9. Check if your warranty is still valid
If all personal efforts to save the phone seem to fail, you should check if your cell phone’s warranty is still valid. If it is, you can call your manufacturer and ask for a repair or replacement. If it is not valid, you can still call your manufacturer to seek information about repairing your cell phone.

10. Take the phone to an approved repair shop
The longer you wait the more damage your phone incurs. If you cannot recover your cell phone despite having taken all the aforementioned steps, you should rush your cell phone to an approved repair shop to minimize chances of further damage. If your phone is not saved in time, there could be non-modular (other than screen) damages as well. Most repair shops like CaseMogul are able to fix those as well for an additional cost. 
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