How to Properly Diagnose an iPhone That is Not Turning on. Key Questions to Ask.

When your iPhone stops turning on there could be a variety of reasons, here are several things we should make sure to ask so that we can narrow down the potential issues

1. How did it stop turning on?
The history of the phone is one of the best ways for technicians to quickly narrow down what the issue is.

a) Was it dropped causing it to stop turning on (Likely to be fixed)
Drops are the most common reasons for an iPhone to not turn on. Usually this is just a screen issue, the screen could be cracked, or screen could show weird colors. Or there could be absolutely no image showing at all. There is a high chance that it is just the screen, however depending on the severity of the drop it could also be other more serious issues

b) Was it dropped in water? (50/50 chance of fixing best scenario is to recover data)
This is another common one, your phone might have been exposed to water, you did not clean it out or you put it in rice and now it doesn’t turn on. Or it could have worked for a few days but now just stops working

c) Did it just not turn on the next morning you woke up? (Likely to be fixed)
This is another common symptom for phones, the phone stops charging for whatever reason, or it seemed to be find the night before but for some reason the next morning when you wake up the phone is completely dead and won’t turn on. This is more likely for iPhones given that this is actually a signature problem with the Charge chip on most iPhones. Less likely for Androids.

2. Is there any display on the screen?
To simplify, the best way would be to try and charge it, or connect it to your computer, if you hear familiar sounds but have no display, or when you press certain buttons the monitor still reacts then there is a high chance that it can be fixed. This is a good way to check that the phone still in fact works which is very important. If there are no reactions whatsoever then we know the phone itself is not functioning and it may not be the display that is actually broken.

3. Does it get hot? (Bigger underlying problem)
When you charge it or when you plug it in, does the phone get unusually hot? This indicates that there may be something else wrong with the phone. In technical terms, there may be a short on the circuit board that is causing electricity to run current through an area of the phone that it’s not supposed to.
So in addition to obviously noticing that the phone is cracked, we can follow these simple steps to get a better sense of whether or not this is a quick fix or potentially something more complex.

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