How CaseMogul Deals With Water Damaged Phones & Other Devices

Water damage is one of the most common phone failures. Once the phone has encountered water, the only thing that can save it is the right treatment within the shortest time frame.

We believe many people have seen this method on the Internet: put the phone inside the rice. The fact is that rice is not actually absorbent enough to remove the water inside the phone. The root cause of the water failure is the moisture left on the motherboard that oxidizes the electrical components on the motherboard, creating a short circuit. Shorts in the circuits lead to problems and non-functional phones after a few days, weeks or even months.

What does CaseMogul do?

Water Damaged Phone Motherboard
  • For slight water damage on the speakers we wipe it with alcohol

  • For less serious water damage, we will wipe them with alcohol to remove the rust. If the rust is difficult to remove with alcohol and causes a short circuit, we will replace the part (this usually applies to the small parts such as the charging port or speaker).

  • For severe water damage, we will use an ultrasonic cleaner (this is usually applied to the motherboard). The ultrasonic cleaner will clean the rust off the motherboard, the charging module, and the various FPC connectors by using alcohol and vibration. When the cleaning is complete, we will dry the main components and then test them.

Ultrasonic cleaning of motherboards
Before ultrasonic cleaning vs. after ultrasonic cleaning

The pictures above shows the phone motherboard before (left) and after the ultrasonic cleaning (right), the use of rice or any other external treatment, no matter how absorbent, will not do a thorough cleaning job.

Caution: Do not perform ultrasonic cleaning on cameras.

If the water damage is so severe that all the important parts are destroyed, we will advise the customer to choose cell phone data recovery. In this case, important data will be backed up and our customers will easily access them on the new device. Currently this service is available for some phone models and has a 85% success rate. If you are interested in this service, please contact us or book a free, no obligation diagnostic for your phone.

Motherboard Repair Repair

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