iPad Screen Replacement: 6 Common Questions Answered

Replacing an iPad screen on your own may be tempting because doing so might help you save you a few couple of dollars in the short-run. However, replacing an iPad screen by yourself will likely end up costing more and cause you headaches in the long-run: it is very likely that the iPad screen replacement won’t be installed optimally. Replacing an iPad screen properly requires specific skills and knowledge, and should not be done by an everyday phone user. It's more economical and efficient to hire a iPad screen replacement technician near you such as iPad screen replacement Calgary, iPad screen replacement Burnaby, or iPad screen replacement Surrey.

Here are six reasons why you should hire a local phone repair shop to replace your iPad screen.

  1. iPad Screen Replacement Requires Extensive Knowledge

    Replacing an iPad screen requires in-depth expertise and knowledge. An iPad screen replacement or repair technician has spent thousands of hours working on different iPad repair issues and on various iPad models. This extensive experience has provided the technician with enough knowledge to  resolve all iPad screen replacement or repair issues, including yours. If you are replacing an iPad screen for the first time, you run the risk of creating more damage to your iPad and possibly hurting yourself, as you might cut your fingers with the edges of the screen when trying to replace it if you are not sure how to replace the iPad screen correctly.

  2. iPad Screen Replacement Requires Proper Equipment

    Most average smartphone, iPad, or tablet users do not have the proper equipment to replace an iPad screen accurately and efficiently. Moreover, it does not make sense financially to purchase the high-quality iPad screen replacement equipment required for a proper fix. For example, when you search for “iPad screen replacement kit” on Amazon, you will see a wide variety of iPad screen replacement kits to choose from. While the selection is plentiful, it is incredibly difficult to assess the quality of each kit, especially for those who have not purchased this kind of equipment before. Additionally, although each iPad screen replacement kit is affordable – ranging from $35 to $60 – it is unlikely that you will use the kit frequently. Your iPad screen may require replacement today, but the chances are very low that your iPad screen will need to be replaced in a few weeks; therefore, purchasing an iPad screen replacement kit is not a good use of money since the kit will likely sit at the corner of the room and collect dust. It makes more sense financially to hire an iPad screen replacement technician for a small amount of money than having an iPad screen replacement kit sitting around in your home.

  3. iPad Screen Replacement Requires a Proper Workstation

    Having a proper workstation is as important as having proper equipment because it ensures that the work environment is clean and free of debris. This clean environment is critical in installing iPad screen replacements – you do not want your iPad screen to be contaminated with dust or debris and make your iPad screen muggy.

    An average household is likely to have debris around the home, with residents going in and out and carrying dust and debris home. A professional iPad screen replacement or phone repair workstation is always clean and free of dust, ensuring that the iPad screen is speckless.

  4. Replacing iPad Screen at a Phone Repair Store Is Affordable

    The average labour cost to replace an iPad screen with CaseMogul is approximately $5, because we want to provide an affordable way for you to get your iPad screen fixed, professionally.

  5. Replacing an iPad Screen Yourself Voids Your Warranty

    The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPad and Apple-branded accessories against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you bought your product. The Apple Limited Warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized alterations.

    When you attempt to replace your iPad screen, you are likely voiding your phone warranty. This means that your phone manufacturer will not replace or repair your phone for free if your phone malfunctions in the future.

    Even if you find voiding your warranty acceptable, we still recommend that you refrain from replacing the iPad screen on your own. As mentioned above, replacing an iPad screen requires a variety of tools and equipment, plus the right workspace.

    While replacing your iPad screen with CaseMogul would also void warranty, CaseMogul’s repairs themselves also come with a lifetime warranty.

So if you need help with replacing your iPad screenbook an appointment with our phone repair experts and we will be happy to help.

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