Samsung S5 Cell Phone Repair: 5 Common Problems and How to Fix Them

The Samsung S5 is one of the most versatile and well-functioning Samsung phones in the market. While the Samsung S5 is robust and has diverse functions, the cell phone can still encounter issues that will need repair from time to time, as with any cell phone device. Some common cell phone repair issues for this device can include:

  • Samsung S5 black screen
  • Samsung software update
  • Samsung S5 not charging
  • Samsung S5 does not turn on
  • Samsung S5 camera not working
  • Samsung S5 audio issues
  • Samsung S5 water damage

Here are five Samsung S5 cell phone repair solutions for the top six common Samsung S5 problems:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Won't Turn On

    This is a common Samsung Galaxy S5 repair issue. Oftentimes, the screen does not turn on automatically when the phone is on standby for a certain amount of time. The Samsung screen remains black.

    To resolve this Samsung Galaxy S5 issue, try these approaches:

    • Restart the phone, or turn it off and on.
    • If the problem persists, remove the battery and insert it back.
    • If that does not work, change the “Lock Screen” setting. Go to Settings and select “Device”. Select the “Lock Screen” option and then select “Additional Information”. Uncheck and turn OFF the setting.
    • If the problem is still not solved, delete some apps you think may be causing issues with your phone. Buggy applications are often the culprit of a dysfunctioning phone.
    • If the aforementioned does not work, you can do a factory reset in your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. Go to Settings, click on "Backup", and select "Reset" -> "Factory data reset".
    • If the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen still does not work properly, book an appointment at Samsung cell phone repair in Calgary, Samsung cell phone repair in Burnaby or Vancouver, or Samsung cell phone repair in Surrey at CaseMogul phone repair shop for a free diagnosis on from our repair techs, specializing in Samsung Galaxy S5 phone repair services.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Problems such as Camera Failure or Slow Camera

    Two common Samsung Galaxy S5 camera issues we see amongst clients are slow camera response time or a warning appearing that says “Camera Failed”. These two issues are definitely irritating in today’s social media world. To remedy these problems, you can try these approaches:

    • Go to Settings -> Application Manager –> Camera App -> Force Stop -> Clear cache -> Clear data.
    • Replace the MicroSD card with a larger sized MicroSD card
    • Remove unused mobile applications to free up memory space in your Samsung Galaxy S5
    • Tap on the Gear icon located at the bottom left –> turn OFF picture stabilization. This feature often slows down the camera
    • Factory Reset the phone as shown previously
    • If the problem still persists, book a Samsung cell phone repair appointment at CaseMogul phone repair shop and we will be happy to take a look at your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Audio Problems Such As Caller Can’t Hear You or You Can’t Hear the Caller

    Another common Samsung Galaxy S5 repair issue we see is with the cell phone’s audio. Many customers have reported issues with Samsung Galaxy S5’s audio (speaker and microphone). Issues include the caller is unable to hear the other person or the recipient is unable to hear the caller. From time to time, the audio is simply not working.

    To troubleshoot this Samsung Galaxy S5 audio problem, you can try these approaches:

    • Clear the cache and close any running active applications. You can also clear the RAM.
    • Restart the phone if required.
    • Remove the battery and SIM card, insert them back and restart the cell phone.
    • Turn OFF bluetooth to deter the potential of pairing the Samsung Galaxy S5 with an external device.
    • Clean the microphone hole by using air pressure to remove any debris
  4. Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resistant but it is not waterproof. Samsung Galaxy S5 can withstand water under one meter deep for about 30 minutes. However, it will not resist water for an unlimited time. If a Samsung Galaxy S5 remains underwater for over 30 minutes, book a Samsung cell phone repair appointment immediately and our technical Samsung phone repair experts will troubleshoot to repair your Samsung Galaxy S5 quickly.

  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Software Update Problem

    If you have any software update problems, first update to the latest version and see if the phone works. If the phone continues to malfunction, remove any unnecessary apps and turn OFF all the unnecessary settings.

If phone issues persist, book a Samsung cell phone repair appointment at our  CaseMogul Calgary phone repair, Burnaby phone repair shop, or Surrey phone repair shop and our technical Samsung phone repair experts will perform a complimentary diagnosis on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and repair the cell phone quickly and affordably.

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