iPhone Keeps Restarting: Tips and Tricks

Your iPhone is stuck in an infinite boot loop. Every time the Apple logo shows up on your screen or when you thought you had a successful reboot, the screen goes dark again. This happens because your iPhone keeps restarting. This issue is one of the trickiest iPhone issues because there's a number of causes for this problem.

Before undertaking any of the more in-depth solutions below, there are a few fundamentals to give a go.

  • Connect to a known functional, or different charger. Your phone may not be getting enough energy to complete boot.
  • Perform a force restart. Consult the guide for your model if you are not familiar with this process.
  • If you can get into the operating system, check for any software updates. This also includes app updates.

If your iPhone continues to restart endlessly, try using these tips.

  1. Restore Backup

    During the course of using your phone, something in the ones and zeroes that makes it run might have been lost, or changed in a way that renders your device unusable. This is usually a result of a botched update of an app or software.

    To try to remedy this, reinstall the operating system. If your phone will stay booted for long enough, you can try this from within the settings menu. Otherwise, you'll need to get it into recovery mode to initiate this process.

    If the update is unsuccessful, consider restoring a backup of your phone. If you're certain you have a recent backup, or are willing to sacrifice your data to regain use of your phone, proceed to restore. This will erase any data presently on your phone. If you would rather not erase the device, you can find other solutions to fix this problem. We recommend booking an appointment with one of our iPhone repair Burnaby, iPhone repair Surrey, or iPhone repair Calgary specialists for a free diagnosis and consultation.

  2. Storage Is Full

    Getting warnings that your device is low on storage? This could be the culprit that’s causing your iPhone to keep restarting. When your iPhone storage is full, your iPhone may have a hard time shutting down so it keeps restarting. When this is happening, you can use these tips.

    • Clear images, files, or apps that you don’t need on your iPhone to clear some storage space
    • If this doesn’t work, there could be other issues that may be causing your iPhone to keep restarting. We recommend booking an appointment with one of our iPhone repair BurnabyiPhone repair Surrey, or iPhone repair Calgary specialists for a free diagnosis and consultation.
  3. Faulty Charge Port

    The charge port and the connected interior flex cable are common points of failure on all iPhone models. It is prone to wear and easily exposed to the environment. This leads to inconsistent charging, and inability to maintain power for long enough to boot properly.

    • Inspect your charge port using a flashlight for better visibility. It is common for bits of lint or rubbish to get caught in the port and compress with repeat charging. To verify, check the fit of your cable. Does the lightning plug sit flush with the bottom of the phone? It should.
    • If there is debris in the port, use a non-conductive probe to clear it. Insert the point straight to the back and gently scrape out residual debris. Be mindful of the pins.
    • A phone that only charges at particular angles, or intermittently in general, may need a new charge port assembly.
  4. Faulty Battery

    We are likely all aware that all rechargeable batteries degrade over time. This can lead to poor battery life. But batteries can fail in any number of other ways, which can lead to unexpected restarts.

    You can check your battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Does it say Service? By Apple’s guidelines, anything with a capacity of less that 80% needs battery service, though it can detect other failures as well. If it says Service here, a new battery is a reasonable start.

  5. Logic Board

    The logic board is the hub for the vast majority of an iPhone's functionality. Any number of the small components on the board may have failed or become damaged, and is a safe bet that this is the reason for an iPhone to keep restarting.

    • Check for obvious signs of a board issue - burned or cracked components, liquid residue, corrosion or bend. If there are signs of liquid the iPhone Liquid Damage Guide might help.
    • Repair your iPhone board by working with one of our motherboard repair technicians.
    • Tiny bits and chips on the board can be repaired by microsoldering. This solution requires highly technical skills. We recommend working with CaseMogul’s motherboard repair technicians for this solution.

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