5 Tips for Protecting Your Phone Screen

Today, smartphones are built to resist everyday, standard wear and tear, and touchscreens are now made with scratch-resistant technology. However, accidents happen and these large screens are still susceptible to damage.

If you just got a new phone or tablet and are looking to take precautions to avoid a cracked or damaged screen, here are five helpful tips to protect your Phone screen.

Use Your Phone Touchscreen Responsibly

It’s important to use your screen the right way. Touchscreens are meant to function with your fingers and touch stylus only, so use these mediums only. While some other devices might allow other types of touch accessories, most phone and tablet screens should not be used with any of these.

If you’ve noticed your screen has stopped working, avoid tapping or pressing your phone screen, as this will do nothing to fix it. Touchscreens don’t need taps to function – instead, consult a specialist.

Mind Where You Place Your Screens

Of course, you shouldn’t be placing your screens where they’re at risk of physical damage. However, it’s also important to consider external conditions that might damage your phone when exposed to them for long periods of time. For example, you should not expose your screens to extended sunlight. While the sun won’t burn your screen in a second, longer periods under sunlight might damage the sensitivity of the screen and may cause overheating.

Additionally, you shouldn’t place your smartphone near electrically charged devices for long; the sudden flow of electricity between these devices might disrupt operations for a while. A sudden upsurge in electrostatic charge can also be detrimental to your screen.

Clean Your Screen Carefully

Touchscreens are not made to be cleaned with everyday soaps or detergents meant for other surfaces. When cleaning your screens, you should avoid using any kind of substance that is not made for this purpose. Instead, use glass wipes or microfiber cleaning cloths that won’t damage your screen. If you need to clean your screen further, make sure to use a solution or screen cleaner kit especially made for this purpose.

Use Your Phone Screen Continually

Leaving your device idle for long periods might be detrimental to your screen and other components. This is something that is often overlooked; you should not leave your screen idle as you risk internal burn-in. A lock-screen setting that turns your screen on after a period of idleness, or activating sensors that light up the screen every now and then could be helpful.

Use Screen Protectors and Phone Covers

Nowadays, most people know about the advantages of using screen protectors and phone covers. They are a purchase that goes hand in hand with purchasing a new phone to prevent damage and extend the durability and safety of your devices.

While we might sometimes be wary of spending on accessories, it’s helpful to remember a screen protector might be a lifesaver when it comes to screens. While you can find screen protectors in a variety of quality, technology and cost, tempered glass protectors are your best bet against cracked screens.

Getting a good phone or tablet cover is also a great preventive measure to protect your screen. If you know you drop your phone often, or if your day-to-day involves riskier surfaces or conditions, finding a sturdy cover that shields both faces of the phone might increase your chances to keep your screen safe.

If your phone screen has been cracked or damaged, please feel free to book a complimentary diagnosis meeting with one of our phone repair locations such as phone repair Burnaby, phone repair Calgary, or phone repair Surrey.

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