Repair or Replace Your Smartphone - How To Find the Right Fix For You

For many of us, our cellphones are a massive part of our daily life. And, of course, life happens - which means that sometimes our phones can take the brunt of it. Have you ever dropped your Samsung and cracked the screen? Maybe your iPhone took an accidental dive into a pool? You’re not alone! A recent survey from Ting Mobile found that over half of us (51%) have lost a phone to water damage, with 34% having had a phone land in toilet! And a whopping 64% of us have a cracked a screen on our smartphone (life happens!). 

But an accident doesn’t always have to mean the end of your phone. Often times, a smartphone can be brought back to life with a well-done repair. But how do you know when you should replace your phone instead of repairing it? You can always bring it into your closest CaseMogul Repair Retail location across Alberta and BC for a free diagnostic from our tech experts to find out. In addition to getting a diagnostic look, here are a few things to consider in determining if you should repair or replace your device. 

The average cost of a new phone, without a service provider plan, typically start around at least $500. You could also find a refurbished phone, which can typically start around $200. Repairs will of course depend on the damage, but can start as low as $50. Some of the more common repairs we see are water damage (starts at $50) or cracked screens (starts at $99). 

You may not want a phone that "just works", but one that has the latest bells and whistles. Or, you may love your phone and just want it to work like new again. There’s no wrong answer. This is completely subjective and depends on your own goals for your phone. However, a damaged phone doesn’t automatically need to be replaced - or sometimes even fully repaired! There are some simple, DIY ways to keep your phone running well, like keeping your phone fresh with regular cleaning or giving the charge port a good dusting (a DIY fix!). 

Devices are with us, all the time. So when your phone isn’t working, you want to bring it back to life fast. The fast fix might be to walk into a store and buy a new phone outright. This can be a fast, however more expensive solution and it will still require some time to transfer data and set up your new phone. Another option is to look into repairing the phone. Now this, again, can vary depending on the damage but can be a great option to extend the life of your current device so less time shopping around and setting up a new phone. We know time is always of the essence so our Tech Experts work hard to fix your phone better and, importantly, faster which may make repairing your device the right fit for you! 

Understanding your options will help you determine the right solution for you to help get your smartphone back in action, good as new or brand new! If you’re still not sure if you should replace your phone, head to any CaseMogul in Calgary, Vancouver or Fort McMurray and we’ll give you a free diagnostic on your phone. 

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