3 Easy Ways Your Phone Case Can Do More Than Just Protect Your Phone

First and foremost, a phone case is most helpful for protecting your device against accidental drops or damage (we’ve all been there!). But there’s so much more a phone case can do for the device that goes with you everywhere!

Check out 3 easy ways your phone case can do more than just protect your device. Look for: 

  1. A wallet phone case - don’t leave home without it! A wallet case for your phone is a practical way to carry your important cards with you, without having to carry the extra bulk of a larger wallet or purse. 
  2. A case that props your phone, with either a trifold case cover or a built in popsocket or grip ring, will make those mobile movie marathons so much easier! Pro tip: you can use a trifold case with an airline tray to create a hands free viewing experience! 
  3. A case that shows off your unique self. Whether it’s a case in your favourite color or one created just for you, your phone case can be a great way to showcase your style and match your mood. Our own CaseMogul Custom Phone Case Maker is a super easy, fast and affordable way to create one, two, or seven phone cases (one for every day of the week!) - made just for you. Plus, free shipping across Canada (win!).  

We carry our devices with us all day, and making sure you have the right cover for what you need will make sure your device is protected and working for you! 

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