Searching for a Cell Phone Repair Shop in Calgary? Visit CaseMogul!

Having proudly served the Calgary community for over a decade, CaseMogul’s cell phone repair technicians are always ready to provide exceptional and unmatched cell phone repair services to local residents. With eight cell phone repair shops around Calgary, we can easily serve you at one of our stores when you search for “phone repair near me”.

All of our shops offer phone repair, tablet repair and electronic repair services such as:

  • Phone screen repair
  • Phone battery repair or replacement
  • Phone camera repair
  • Phone backplate repair
  • Phone audio repair
  • Phone water damage repair
  • Phone charger port repair
  • Phone motherboard repair

We offer services across all brands including:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • Google
  • LG
  • Sony
  • >Motorola
  • BlackBerry
  • OnePlus

Why Our Clients Work with Us

We are not your average phone repair shop. We combine world-class phone repair expertise with top-quality repair parts, and we ensure that our service is reasonably priced. Our technical expertise in phone repair allows us to repair phone, tablet or electronic issues the Apple Store or other authorized cell phone repair shops cannot repair. We are continuously looking to find better ways to repair devices and pass on any cost savings to you.

In addition, we offer unrivalled complimentary assessment, technical know-how and life-time warranties that other cell phone repair shops in Calgary cannot match!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Keep your peace of mind; bring your phone back for any parts or labor-related issues and we will repair it at no additional cost.

Renowned Cell Phone and Electronic Repair Certifications

We have received certifications from iPad Rehab, Fonekong and REWA, which represent some of the premier and cutting-edge ORIGINAL developers of much of the information that the global board repair community uses every day. We are able to fix issues and problems that many other cell phone repair shops are unable to repair. This means you can rest easy knowing that we are equipped with the best technical knowledge to give your phone the best service possible.

Complimentary Cell Phone Repair Diagnosis

We provide a complimentary diagnosis and quote. If we cannot fix it, you di not pay. This lets you be informed with complete transparency about the cell phone repair or tablet repair fee so you can decide whether you want to proceed with the cell phone repair, tablet repair or other electronic repair. Providing full transparency to our customers is a key value to our company.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We understand that repairing a phone can be expensive, but it does not have to be. We work hard and diligently to assure that our prices remain competitive while keeping the quality exceptionally high. We offer price matches on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing.

Glass-Only Cell Phone Repair Capabilities

We are proud to be one of the only local cell phone repair shops that can do glass-only repairs on backplates and front screens without damaging other items that would increase your cell repair price. This means more savings for you.

Support Every Step Of The Way

Do not ever hesitate to come back and reach out to us if there are any issues with your phone. We want to make you a customer for life. We will always work hard to resolve any problems that may arise after your purchase so that you are 100% satisfied.

As mentioned above, we have cell phone repair stores in and around Calgary. Our cell phone repair store locations are:


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