Troubleshooting iPad Backlight Problems

The iPad backlight enables users to see the contents on the screen. Therefore, if there's any damage to the iPad backlight, users would find it difficult to see the content on their screen. As a result, even though the iPad works fine, users might find it challenging to use the device.

There are so many reasons why there might be an iPad backlight issue. Contact with water or any other liquids or accidental impacts are typical examples. When there is contact with water, the device's integrated circuits (IC) might get shorted or even burn. 

However, one of the primary reasons for backlight issues is users are trying to handle and fix the iPad themselves without first diagnosing the cause of the damage. This article looks at iPad backlight issues and how to verify if your device's backlight is faulty.

Indications and Confirmation for Backlight Damage

The first indication that you might be having an iPad backlight issue would be the sounds you hear from the iPad without the content displaying. It is a backlight issue when you can confirm that your iPad is on and you can hear the sounds of any of the applications. 

However, you can confirm by connecting the iPad to a TV output lead to verify if the TV display is showing a full-color display. If not, you have confirmation that your iPad has a backlight issue. Once you confirm the problem, do not panic because the iPad backlight issue is one of the simplest and most common problems to fix.

Causes of iPad Backlight Issue for iPad Air 2/3/4/5/ and iPad Pro 9.7/10.5)

We often see iPad Air 2/3/4/5/ and iPad Pro 9.7/10.5 have backlight issues after changing the screen. This happens when you connect the new screen when the iPad is on. 

With the screen on, the power keeps running on the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) connector. As a result, when you connect the LCD connector, the backlight Diode will burn out, affecting the backlight and causing you to replace the burned Diode.

Other Causes of iPad Backlight Issues 

Aside from the above, software issues can also affect the iPad's backlight. If your iPad has no hardware issue, you are pretty fortunate. 

However, your iPad may have some bugs that make the backlight not display or work. Other times, wrong settings and outdated iOS applications with bad compatibility with the iPad can also cause a backlight issue.

If your iPad has a backlight issue, don't try to fix it yourself. Instead, take it to a qualified technician who will run various tests to pinpoint the problem and provide the best solution.

Final Thoughts

Your iPad's backlight needs to work for you to use and enjoy the device. Therefore, waste no time getting it fixed if it gets damaged. 

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