5 Tips to Increase Your iPhone or Google's Battery Lifespan

Maintaining your iPhone or Google Pixel’s battery lifespan is one of the most important elements of maximizing the lifespan of your overall phone. If your phone battery dies out frequently, the phone is unpleasant to use.

To help you expand your iPhone or Pixel’s lifespan, we have come up with five tips you can use.

  1. Avoid overheating

    Heat is the achilles heel of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are used in most modern phones and tablets. To deter your iPhone or Google Pixel phone from overheating, use these tips.

    • Don’t place your iPhone or Google Pixel phone on your car’s dashboard, to avoid direct sunlight.
    • Don’t charge your iPhone or Google Pixel phone when you’re playing graphically intensive games because doing so increases the temperature of your phone and harms the battery. The ideal temperature to charge your iPhone or Google Pixel phone battery is between 20 to 30 degree Celsius.
  2. Don’t use your iPhone or Google Pixel phone while charging

    Using your phone while charging is harmful to you and the battery of your smartphone. Even slightest use of the phone while charging stops the complete charging cycle of the battery and can even damage the battery.

  3. Don't use Third-Party Chargers

    Always use the original charger only. This practice becomes even more important if your phone supports quick charging. According to experts, high capacity chargers can charge up to 70% more quickly but it can also damage the battery if charging is not done properly by using third-party chargers.

    Good quality, original chargers help to maintain life of the battery. So, never use third party chargers, or low cost inferior chargers.

  4. Don’t charge overnight

    This mistake is done by most people around the world. This damages the battery and it will not last too long. When the voltage of the battery reaches its desired capacity, it automatically stops charging. It is better for your iPhone or Google Pixel battery if you unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged.

  5. Don’t download a ton of apps

    Only download and use apps you need to avoid draining your phone battery. If you have apps you don’t need or seldomly use, uninstall them. Also try to install apps on external SD cards to increase and improve battery life.

If your iPhone or Google Pixel battery time span reduces even though you follow the tips above, it’s likely due to old age. If you’re looking to replace your phone battery, visit our phone repair shops such as phone repair Burnaby, phone repair Calgary, and phone repair Surrey for a complimentary diagnosis.

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