6 Common Samsung Phone Repair Problems and Solutions

Samsung’s innovation and technology advancements are top of their class. With their cinematic 8K video, snap epic stills and ultra-thin compactness, Samsung has emerged as a top-tier choice for cell phone buyers.

While Samsung offers unmatched and revolutionary capabilities and features, their cell phones can run into a variety of issues that need repair, just like other phones such as iPhone or Huawei. Some of the most common cell phone repair problems include the following:
  • Samsung Water Damage Repair
  • Samsung Screen Repair
  • Samsung Camera Repair
  • Samsung Battery Replacement
  • Samsung Battery or Back Cover Replacement
  • Samsung Software Problems

Here are the top six Samsung cell phone repair problems and how to solve them!

1. Samsung Water Damage Repair

A good way to avoid Samsung phone water damage in the first place is to protect it with a screen protector and a Samsung phone case.

A screen protector or tempered glass adds another robust layer to your screen and helps keep liquid from getting into your Samsung phone. The same can be said about a Samsung phone case: by fitting your phone into a Samsung phone case such as the Samsung Goospery Wallet Flip V2, you will enhance the protection of your Samsung phone and prevent liquid from getting in. The Samsung Goospery Wallet Flip V2 phone case offers full 360 protection of your Samsung phone!

If the worst-case scenario does happen and your Samsung phone is affected by water damage because it does not have a phone case or screen protector, the first step you must take is to turn off the phone. It is critical that you keep your phone off because your Samsung phone will “fry” if it is on while having liquids inside.

The next step is to take your phone to a cell phone repair shop such as CaseMogul, where we can perform a comprehensive diagnosis of your Samsung phone and help extract all the excess liquid or moisture from it. If you cannot take your phone to a cell phone repair shop right away, you can keep your Samsung dry for roughly 24 hours first. Do not bury your Samsung phone in rice in the hopes that the rice will absorb the moisture or liquid from your Samsung phone - it does not work. The rice will likely cause your Samsung to accumulate debris or dust which can further damage your phone. Once you have kept your phone dry for roughly 24 hours, come visit CaseMogul phone repair and we will perform a full diagnosis on your phone to ensure your Samsung is functioning properly and check for excess moisture or liquid that needs to be extracted!

2. Samsung Screen Repair

Samsung’s cell phone screens are oftentimes more robust than competing brands’ phone screens, but Samsung phone screens can crack if they are dropped onto concrete floor or if they crash onto a solid object. Similar to preventing water damage, the best way to protect your Samsung cell phone is with a screen protector such as tempered glass or with a Samsung phone case. If your Samsung does get cracked or scratched and needs a screen repair, do not try to repair it yourself - instead, book an appointment with a cell phone repair shop such as CaseMogul instead!

It is difficult to repair a Samsung cell phone on your own: you likely lack the equipment and the appropriate work environment to repair cell phones. Attempting to repair your Samsung cell phone screen without proper equipment or outside the proper work environment will cause additional problems such as installing a Samsung screen with debris onto your phone or placing the screen improperly, causing the screen to fall off imminently. Moreover, an average Samsung cell phone user might not have hundreds or thousands of Samsung phone repair hours under their belt, so repairing a Samsung cell phone for the first time will likely be inefficient and cumbersome.

By hiring cell phone experts from CaseMogul cell phone repair shop, your Samsung cell phone will be in the hands of cell phone specialists who will repair your Samsung cell phone quickly and affordably.

3. Samsung Camera Repair

Capturing vivid and vibrant photos for social media has emerged as an integral part of our lives (#selfie), so having a cracked or damaged Samsung phone lens can be a tremendous inconvenience. To repair your Samsung camera, simply book a cell phone repair at a CaseMogul phone repair shop near you. Our cell phone repair technicians will be happy to offer a complimentary diagnosis of your Samsung camera before the repair so you can be informed with complete transparency about the services and fees associated with the Samsung camera repair!

4. Samsung Battery Repair

Samsung battery repair is needed if you notice that your phone battery exhausts quickly, does not charge at all, or does not hold a charge. Most times, this is as a result of normal wear and tear or failed Samsung software updates. To prevent this problem, you can activate the night mode on your phone or set the maximum power-saving mode. Doing this limits the strain placed on the battery.

If this does not improve your battery usage span, book a Samsung battery repair appointment and we will be happy to take a look at your Samsung phone!

5. Samsung Backplate Replacement

A Samsung backplate replacement is essential for optical purchases. Additionally, a Samsung backplate prevents water and dust from getting into your device. To repair or replace your Samsung backplate, book an appointment with one of our cell phone repair experts at a phone repair shop near you!

6. Samsung Software Repair

If you notice your phone turns off suddenly or apps frequently crash, your phone may have a software problem. This type of Samsung repair issue is more complex and requires significantly more technical knowledge and skills to fix. To ensure that the Samsung software issue is repaired properly and efficiently, book a cell phone repair appointment at our Burnaby, Surrey or Calgary cell phone repair store!

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