8 Simple Tips to Make Your iPhone Faster

Before you search for “iPhone phone repair Calgary” “phone repair Calgary”, “iPhone repair Burnaby”, or “iPhone repair Surrey”, there are a few simple tips you can use to improve your iPhone’s speed. Typically, iPhones and tablets slow down and lag as they age. If your iPhone lags or gives you frequent storage warnings, your iPhone is slowing down or experiencing a decrease in performance. Here are eight tips to help you boost your iPhone's phone speed and reduce lags and freezes.

  1. Restart your iPhone

    A simple restart is sometimes all you need to improve performance. A phone reboot erases all the temporary files, clears the RAM, and closes apps with stored caches to make the phone faster and fix common app performance issues.

    Another effective option to speed up your iPhone is to factory reset the phone. Remember to back up all the essential data before resetting. A factory reset removes all the stored data to give your phone a fresh start, similar to a brand-new phone.


  2. Uninstall unnecessary apps

    iPhone apps, and mobile apps in general, consume the majority of a phone’s storage and memory. Most of us have mobile apps that we barely use anymore. There are some apps that are pre-installed in the phones by the manufacturer, but most of our apps are accumulated over time. These unnecessary apps occupy phone space and waste vital system resources, causing your iPhone to struggle with essential tasks. Uninstall all unwanted and unused apps to boost the phone’s speed.

    Make it a routine to frequently remove unused data like pictures, videos, and animations to empty the storage space. You can store data in the cloud to free up an iPhone’s internal memory.

  3. Avoid using live wallpapers

    Using live wallpapers and widgets on the home screen slows down your phone. Although the vibrant wallpapers look appealing and give our phones a personalized touch, they use a lot of battery power and exhaust the CPU, decreasing the iPhone’s efficiency. Save the iPhone’s resources and boost processing by using static images. For even better performance, use the same photo for the lock screen and home screen.

  4. Disable or reduce animations

    Animations and transitions can make an iPhone feel fast or slow. Another tip to make a phone faster is to reduce or disable the animations. Doing this saves processing power. Disabling animations also helps the iPhone switch quickly from one app to the next.

  5. Update the operating system and apps

    iPhone users should install software updates. Every new update contains several bug fixes, performance improvements, and security enhancements. We recommend updating your phone as soon as possible for a better experience. Experts also recommend updating all applications to their latest version.

  6. Speed up Safari

    Safari on the iPhone can take up a lot of resources. Emptying the cache helps (tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Data), and you can improve Safari speeds by limiting the number of tabs you have open. Tap the tab icon in Safari, then tap the X in the upper-left of each tab to close it.

    For an extra boost, disable JavaScript in Safari. Tap Settings > Safari > Advanced and toggle JavaScript to off. This removes features from webpages, such as social sharing and commenting, which makes pages load faster.

  7. Turn off app notifications

    Some apps are eager to get your attention with notifications – nagging reminders and updates such as new messages, special offers or news snippets. Switching off notifications on non-essential apps can boost your iPhone’s speed.

    Go to Settings > Notifications, and in the right-hand pane you'll be able to see the current settings for each app. Tap on the app and you’ll have the option to turn Allow Notifications off completely, or to otherwise adjust the settings to your preference.

  8. Disable Spotlight searching

    You can boost your iPhone speed by reducing the amount of indexing Apple’s Spotlight search does. iOS constantly indexes your iPhone’s content, including messages and email, so that when you search for something it can provide quick results.

    To see what’s being indexed by iOS, tap Settings > General > Siri & Search. You might want it to continue indexing your email and messages, but you can probably do without indexing your mobile games. Tap on the app you want to adjust, and on the next screen toggle off the functions you want to exclude from Search.

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