What Is Optimized Battery Charging on an iPhone?

Compared to older technology, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have higher energy density, are relatively low maintenance, and do not contain toxic cadmium. For these reasons, they have become the market standard for portable electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops.

There’s a downside, however. The chemical lifespan of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries will wear down due to usage, temperature, and charging habits. Eventually, it will have trouble charging and holding a charge, and your phone’s performance may suffer as a result.

Apple’s response to this is its new Optimized Battery Charging software, which attempts to manage your battery health and prolong your battery life by actively controlling the rate of charge.

How Optimized Battery Charging Works

Optimized Battery Charging was first introduced in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15.15. In order to understand how Optimized Battery Charging works, it’s important first to understand the different factors that can influence your battery life.

One factor that will have a major influence on a battery’s lifespan is temperature. Extreme hot and cold temperatures will help contribute to the chemical aging of the battery. The cold reduces the frequency of internal reactions, while heat increases it. Either way, the battery is strained and will wear out faster. It is important to keep your devices away from extreme temperatures as much as possible.

Another factor that will influence your battery health is the amount of charge that you regularly keep on your device. Lithium-ion batteries start to degrade when they are charged over 80% or fall under 20%. It is particularly damaging when the battery is kept at 100% for an extended period of time. So while it is customary to charge your phone overnight and wake up to a full charge, it may be one of the most detrimental things you could be doing to your battery health.

Here’s where Optimizing Battery Charging comes in. First, the algorithm tries to understand your daily charging habits and the time you usually start using your phone. When it thinks you’re about to leave your phone plugged in for an extended period of time, such as overnight, it will hold your battery’s charge at 80% until it thinks you’re about to use your phone again, at which point it will charge beyond 80%.

Turning Optimized Battery Charging Off on your iPhone

Optimized Battery Charging is toggled on by default, and it is recommended that you keep it on to maximize your battery health. For those who wish to keep manual control over their battery charging however, it is possible to turn off Optimized Battery Charging.

To turn Optimized Battery Charging off on your iPhone, go to Settings. Scroll down and tap on “Battery”, then “Battery Health”. Here you will find information on your battery health, such as maximum charge capacity and battery performance. At the bottom you will be able to turn off Optimized Battery Charging.

If Optimized Battery Charging is on while your phone is charging, your Lock Screen will show a notice giving the estimated time your phone will be done charging. Another option is to tap the notification to change your Optimized Battery Charging settings.

How to Turn Optimized Battery Charging Off on a Mac

To turn Optimized Battery Charging on or off on your Mac, go to “System Preferences”, then “Battery”. There, you will be able to uncheck Optimized Battery Charging.

At the bottom of the window here, you can also take a look at Battery Health. The “Manage battery longevity” box should also be checked by default, which you can also uncheck here if you wish.

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