6 Common Google Phone Problems and Solutions You Can Try Yourself

Even the Google Pixel 5 or Google Pixel 4 have their limitations and issues. For more serious issues, we recommend you to come to our phone repair shop for a professional Google Pixel phone repair. For minor issues, here are six common Google Pixel phone problems and solutions you can try.

  1. Google Pixel Phone Poor Battery Life

    A few changes to your phone settings may help improve your Google Pixel phone’s battery when it starts to drain faster than usual.

    You can go into your settings menu and enable your device’s battery saving mode to slowly decrease performance and limit background data usage to preserve your charge. Then, head to Battery Optimization to check if you can place any apps in Doze mode. Doing this will disable certain notifications and features when your home screen is off.

  2. Google Pixel Phone Overheating

    Some third-party apps and even features like camera usage can cause your Google Pixel phone to overheat. If you frequently use a buggy app, try to uninstall it or check if it needs to be updated to the latest version. Additionally, Google Pixel users should keep their phone activity to a minimum while it is on the charger to prevent your Google Pixel phone from overheating.

  3. Google Pixel Phone Connectivity Issues

    Restarting your Google Pixel phone should be all it takes to solve a lousy internet or data connection issue. Another easy fix is to turn your Wi-Fi, mobile data, or Airplane mode on and off if restarting doesn’t work. You can also try disabling the connection to your Wi-Fi network, waiting a few moments, and reconnecting it again. If all these steps fail to fix your Google Pixel phone’s connectivity issues, book an appointment for one of CaseMogul’s phone repair shops for your Google Pixel phone repair Calgary, Google Pixel phone repair Burnaby, or Google Pixel phone repair Surrey needs.

  4. Google Play Store Keeps Crashing

    A corrupt cache is the most common culprit for when your Google Play Store keeps crashing. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to troubleshoot. First, go into the All Apps option from your settings menu, select Google Play Store, and Clear Cache. This should give your app store a fresh start and wipe away any buggy issues.

  5. Google Pixel Phone Low Internal Storage

    If you are constantly being victimized by the “Insufficient Storage Available” notification, give this a try. First, go into the Application Manager (from your device settings) and review which apps are hogging your internal storage space. If there are any apps that you don’t use regularly, you could uninstall them entirely to save more storage, or you could clear the cache to free up space. In addition, some data-hogging platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, could be accessed in a browser, so you should also consider what you can offload.

  6. Google Pixel Phone Not Reading SD Card

    As with other common Android problems, you could try rebooting your phone if it’s having trouble reading an SD card. Next, you can try unmounting and remounting your card. Then, while it is dislodged from your phone, you can insert it into a card reader and then connect it to your computer to identify and fix certain errors. To do so, click Open My Computer and find your disk drive. Choose Property > Tools > Error checking > Repair drive.

    Alternatively, you could erase content from your SD card if certain elements are causing a card reading error. To do this, navigate to the Storage and USB setting on your Android device and locate the option to format your SD card. Make sure you backup all content first to avoid losing any important data.

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