Common iPhone & Samsung Motherboard Problems by Phone Models

According to a Gartner report, Apple sold more smartphones than Samsung in the last quarter of 2020. Both brands are constantly competing for a higher market share in the smartphone industry. Also, users of Apple and Samsung phones have always debated which has the better features. 

Regardless of your preference, you'll agree that Apple iPhones and Samsung smartphones are high-end devices. But unfortunately, like every other technological device, they're not immune to problems.

Many of the problems people face with the iPhone and Samsung are motherboard-related. We’ll let you in on the likely motherboard issues you’ll face based on your phone’s model and how to tackle them.

Major Motherboard Problems With Various iPhone and Samsung Models

iPhones and Samsung devices have motherboards that control the phones’ functioning. Unfortunately, physical damage, excess electrical shocks, or heat can harm the motherboard and make your phone malfunction. However, some phone models are more prone to specific motherboard issues than others.

We’ve addressed the primary motherboard concerns in iPhone X, XS, 11, newer Samsung models, and other iPhone models below.

Common Motherboard Issues With iPhone X, XS, 11

iPhone X, XS, and 11 are prone to similar motherboard issues. One of the most common ones is the iPhone boot loop. In an iPhone boot loop, your phone will continuously attempt to boot (reboot) but wouldn’t complete the sequence. In other words, your phone will remain stuck in the boot process.

Often, this is due to corrosion in the motherboard resulting from water damage. To fix this problem, a technician will clean the corrosion using isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush to fix this problem.

Common Motherboard Issues With All iPhones

In all iPhones, a common problem is where a single capacitor causes a VCC (Voltage  Common Collector) short problem. In such cases, your phone technician has to locate the bad capacitor by testing the caps using a multimeter. 

Common Motherboard Issues With Older iPhones 

If you own an old iPhone, you may experience an “Error 9” code issue when you attempt an update or restoration. The Error 9 message means that there’s an unknown error that’s preventing your iPhone from being restored. As such, it forces your iOS update operation to stop abruptly. 

Replacing the Tristar IC (integrated chip) will solve this problem. Tristar is the logic board of iDevices IC that plays a significant role in authenticating USB devices.

Common Motherboard Issues With  Samsung Phones 

One common issue with the newer Samsung models is the main charge port flex ribbon connector. If the ribbon connector breaks, your phone will experience difficulty charging. In such cases, your phone technician will replace the main charge port flex ribbon connector with another compatible one.

Final Thoughts 

Are you experiencing motherboard issues with your iPhone or Samsung devices? They can be frustrating to deal with. 

In many cases, the problem may seem too complex to have a solution. Fortunately, our expert phone technicians at CaseMogul can fix your damaged Samsung and iPhone motherboard without hassles.

At CaseMogul, we’ll start by assessing the extent of the damage and offer the best solutions. Our prices are affordable, and our customer service is impeccable. If you aren't close to any of our locations, we offer a mail-in repair service as well! Contact us today.

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