Common Issues for Samsung and Android Repairs

1. Glass or Screen Repair
This is the most common repair, for androids. There are usually two major categories that have two big differences in cost

a) Glass Only repair
This is when your phone is still fully functional but your glass is cracked. Usually the major reason to repair this is because the glass shards cut your hands, or it’s just embarrassing carrying around a phone that looks like a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake occurred on the screen. It’s important that the touch is working fully in every area of the screen. If this is the case, CaseMogul repairs this for a lot cheaper than competitive repair shops. For example an S7 may cost $250 at the time of this post, but that is for the LCD image and the glass in front. If your LCD is fine, arguably you should just have to replace the top glass. Which we usually charge $100 which is a fraction of the cost of an LCD.
b) LCD repair
This is the one that’s less fortunate, sometimes your glass may not be cracked at all, but there is hairline crack in the inside of the phone. Common evidence of LCD damage is if your screen has turned progressively darker over time, despite no cracks on the glass, usually the screen is completely black or shows no visible image or may perhaps flash for a moment while your menu buttons still light up. The cost of the LCD repair is still quite expensive as the cost of LCDs are quite high.

2. Charge Port Repair
This is another common repair given the way the Micro-USB port is constructed, or the way a Type C port is constructed, vigorous jamming or wiggling over time can cause the connections to break down. Your phone may only charge if you hold the cable at a specific angle or the port may look visibly destroyed or worn down. Unfortunately many of the android phone have charge ports that are soldered directly onto motherboards instead of them being modular.
a) Popular modular Samsung charge ports that are easy to repair include Samsung S4, Samsung Note Edge, S6 Edge to name a few. These are quite easy to change as it’s a direct switch. CaseMogul typically charges $40 for these type of repairs.

b) The second level in terms of complexity of repairs would be the phones that require direct soldering. We usually charge $50 for these types as we have to work on the motherboard and re-solder a new port to the device.

c) The most difficult charge port repairs would be the edge phone repairs or ones that have menu buttons that flip through the metal chassis of the phone and require you to sometimes remove the entire LCD screen in order to replace the port. This obviously exposes repair technicians to the possibility of damaging the LCD. Depending on the level of difficulty we charge $80 - $100 for these types of charge port repairs. Be sure not to be charged over $200 for this type of charge port repair because that means the repair shop is charging you for an LCD replacement as well. CaseMogul has the expertise to ensure that the LCD doesn’t get damaged thereby charging just a fraction of that amount. Common difficult charge port repairs include Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S5, Note 4, Note 5, S6 Edge plus charge ports. Given the nature of having to solder the part ideally we appreciate if you can leave the phone for a day so that we can spend more care on working on this repair!

3. Repairing IMEI or Binary Lock
Sometimes Samsungs have IMEIs that show no service, or not registered on network or worst just shows 000000000 instead of an actual 15 digit IMEI serial. This along with phones that just show red text stating “Binary Lock” are all software issues that CaseMogul can fix.

4. Water Damage
Water damage is another common repair for Samsungs, given the fact that most Samsung motherboards are covered in underfill, this actually helps reduce the potential damage caused by water as water moisture is more difficult to get underneath chips. Regardless, we have extremely high end ultrasonic equipment to tackle some of the toughest water damaged phones. Some repair shops use jewelry cleaners to clean motherboards, we’ve found this to be less effective, there have been instances where we’ve fixed phones that have been to other repair shops that were deemed to be cleaned for water, but once we’ve put it in our machine it turned on after the scrub.

5. Back Camera Lens Repair
If you do damage your back camera lense be sure to use clear tape to tape up the lense area instead of having it exposed first! This is to prevent you from having to pay for a brand new back camera which can be the case if you smudge or scratch the actual back camera.
This is another common repair, the back camera lense for many androids tend to break given the size of the back camera, we are able to just fix the camera lense for $25. One thing to be aware of however is to observe if the camera is still clear. Don’t assume that just because the camera is foggy or shows grey spots, black spots or specks that it is because the lense is just dirty. We’ve learned overtime that if the camera is showing any imperfections of image quality it is most likely needing a new back camera as well. The Lense does little to obstruct clarity. 99% of the time changing the lense will not improve the image quality if the image is already blurry.

6. Sim Reader Repair
We find customer tend to put in the wrong sized sim card or put in micro sim cards that have a nano sim card cut out in the centre. DO NOT put this back in your phone as the sim reader prongs act almost like revers barbs. When you insert a sim card with the centre cut out, you lock the barbs so that when you go to pull the sim card out you will end up ripping the reader barbs which will the cause your reader to be permanently damaged. We fix sim reader prongs for $50! Another surprisingly common repair is losing the actual sim tray for the android phone.

7. Battery Repair
With any phone, we use the battery constantly so this isn’t a surprise that this is a common repair. We switch batteries typically for $35 for batteries that you can just witch out. For ones that we need to take apart the phone, we charge $50!
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