If a Third Party Repairs Your iPhone or iPad will Apple Still Repair It?

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This is a common question that we get asked at CaseMogul. The answer is yes, almost every time. It does however depend on the degree of damage. But if it is a screen repair, we can definitely bring it back to a status that Apple will consider it even untouched. So you don’t have to worry when you come for a repair that you won’t be able to ever take it to Apple.

In the past, Apple has been very strict toward this policy but over the years they have softened. Now, you can even bring a phone that has been clearly worked on by other repair shops and Apple will still take it in for repair. We have called Apple directly to ask about this and they have confirmed that they will repair a phone that has been worked on by a third party but will evaluate each situation on a case by case basis.

Why would you bring it to CaseMogul first instead of Apple you ask?
This is because most of the time, Apple’s repair abilities are more limiting than your local repair shops because they don’t have the breadth of repair technical expertise at each of their locations and so they end up charging you more than you should pay for some simple repairs. If there is no risk for you to bring it to CaseMogul or us to give you a price quote, you may save yourself over $100 or more dollars!

You can refer to our blog post titled “A list of repairs that Casemogul can fix that Apple can’t fix or over charges and the reasons why” to get a more comprehensive list of some of the common repairs that CaseMogul outperforms Apple.

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